Practice Areas


Personal Injury:

Our firm specializes in personal injury and wrongful death cases in which we aggressively protect our clients’ rights and pursue compensation for their losses. Immediately after the injury, a victim can be overwhelmed with paperwork from insurance companies, while still trying to recover from their injury. Let us help you get your life back in order.


Criminal Defense:

Criminal charges can have life altering consequences and no charge should be taken lightly. We have represented clients faced with all types of criminal charges. Felonies, misdemeanors, summary appeals—we fight for your rights.


Family Law/Domestic Relations:

Disputes among family members are emotionally, painful, and personal. Let our office provide knowledgeable legal representation for your divorce, child custody hearing, support and alimony claims, adoption proceeding, or if you seek to change your legal name.


Civil Litigation:

A skilled attorney is needed in order to move a case through the civil court system. Our attorneys have tried cases and won before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. With our experience, we are in the position to properly assess a client’s case and help them reach a practical solution.


Wills, Power of Attorneys, Estates:

Many times individuals seek estate planning documents only after hearing or being a part of a difficult situation involving a friend or loved one who didn’t properly plan their estate. Don’t burden your loved ones with this task. Come in and speak to our office about the estate planning documents that you need in order to properly protect yourself and your family.


Traffic Violations:

Lost your license? In danger of losing it? Our attorneys can assist you not only in your legal proceedings, but also help you work with Penn Dot in order to keep you on the road. Protect your driving privilege with us.


Municipal Law:

Our office represents numerous Authorities, Boroughs, and Townships throughout the area, as well as serving as the solicitor for Beaver County. We serve as general counsel and protect their interests in all venues. Government leaders today face challenging decisions. Let our expertise be a tool that will assist in carrying out your duties.